Woman - The Full Story

Woman - The Full StoryWhat does it mean to be a woman today?

What have women inherited from their radical, risk-taking sisters of the past? And how does God view this half of humanity?

Michele Guinness invites us on an adventure of discovery, exploring the biblical texts, the annals of history and the experiences of women today in search of the challenges and achievements, failures and joys, of women throughout the ages.

Price: £8.99 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0310250593
Publisher: Zondervan


If ever I felt that there was a book written especially for me this was it - a book I have been waiting to read all my life as a Christian woman.
What I liked most about this book is that Michele Guinness draws on her knowledge of Judaism to bring a new perspective to what we read in the Bible.
This is a startlingly good book. Michele Guinness has a very easy style, any Christians who want to know what the Bible says about women should buy this book tomorrow.