Autumn Leave - A Season in France

Autumn Leave - Michele Guinness

Michele Guinness and her husband always believed they would live in France one day - but were amazed when a series of minor miracles made it possible to buy a house in the Limousin.

In this frank and funny account of their ups and downs, based on Michele’s diary of her husband’s three-month sabbatical, we meet a host of extraordinary characters as she pursues the truth behind some of the hamlet’s tortuous relationships, and meets the beleaguered French church.

Setting up a new home, living in a different culture, and adapting to rural life was more stressful than she could have imagined. So was the local feuding, the potentially expensive legal wrangling, the moral dilemmas about owning land with their more furry neighbours.

Price: £8.99 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1850788324
Publisher: Authentic Media


“Michele has produced a book in her usual style - bright, intelligent and always entertaining. A great read.”
“A Year in Provence meets Finding Sanctuary. Fabulous insights into creating a new life and church - without being preachy. Excellent story-telling. You can almost smell the hot croissants, fresh baguettes, wonderful cheeses and good red wine - as well as feel the pain of a struggling Christian community and laugh and cry at the DIY attempts. Classic page-turning Guinness!”