Women and Men as God made Them - New Wine 2021

This is a seminar delivered at New Wine Home this summer, called, “Women and Men as God made Them”, which looks at why male and female equality was planned from the beginning of time and why it is so important for ensuring the respect, appreciation and safety of women. If this is so, then the church should be a role model in how men and women can value and protect each other.

There are tips on how to achieve it, and how, through in youth groups or school assemblies, we can encourage a new generation to have the whole and healthy relationships God intended for us. It grew out of the newly revised book, The Contemporary Woman: can she really have it all? published earlier this year.

Back Story with Steve Legg

Some moments in life are so special that most people cherish them forever, or at least have them etched in their memories. In this funny, poignant and inspirational podcast, Steve Legg chats to guests about moments in their lives they'll never forget.

Spring Harvest Home 2020

Peter and Michele Guinness look together at communion in the past, the present and as our future hope.

Making Disciples - The Podcast with Cris Rogers

Michele explores Jesus’ Jewish context and why we aren’t expected to now be Jews. She talks about Jewish festivals, first-century life and how this can help us read the Bible and understand it better.


Read articles from various publications written by Michele.

The Purpose and Importance of Rites of Passage

No sex please, we’re Christians

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Creating a feel for a Christian way of life

Called to celebrate

Have pity on the poor speaker

The next 4 articles are from Families First magazine with permission, and appeared as part of a series Michele writes called ‘Ready to Roll’. Families First is an excellent resource for anyone who would like more resources on how to encourage strong marriages, good parenting and spiritual health for families.

New Year


Lent and Valentines Day



National Gathering of Church of Scotland - An Invitation to the Party (January 2009)

More of Michele’s teaching is available from


Kinder Transport - Focus (Central TV)

Over 20 years ago Michele used to present a series of religious programmes for Central TV called Focus, which featured people with interesting stories to tell. She was introduced to Susi Bechofer and intrigued by her story. Susi and her twin, Lotte, were part of the Kinder Transport – rescued from Germany under the British agreement in the late 1930s to take in 10,000 Jewish children.

Only 3 years old and totally alone, they were adopted by a Baptist minister and his wife, who promptly changed their names to Grace and Eunice. The girls were raised as Christians with no knowledge whatsoever of their background. Michele interviewed Susi about her fascinating search for her true identity.

Changing our Culture of Worship (Principles.TV)


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