The Word of the Wives

The Word of the Wives - Abby Guinness and Michele Guinness

Behind every great man there's a woman who has to put up with him.

Now the unheard women of the Bible speak out in an imaginative collection of monologues, setting the story straight from their unique perspective.

From the amusing to the moving, the arresting to the irreverent, intriguingly charming and alarmingly frank, over twenty-five pieces to read or perform retell the stories of biblical men seen through the discerning eyes of their wives.

Price: £7.99 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1850788720
Publisher: Authentic Media


“A great read...and great for performance. Abby brings these women to life in a very colourful, modern way that gets us delving into the times, into what they must have felt and brings stories we already know, to life.”
“Excellent read - excellent resource. Humorous, entertaining and informative.”
“This book has been passed from eager hand to eager hand in the Mothers' Union at my local Parish Church. Without exception we all absolutely loved it and the demand at our local library for Michelle's earlier books has gone up in leaps and bounds.”
“I saw Abby perform some of these live and she was spectacular. It is a great way to bring the Bible to life, also, for someone who has difficulty reading the Bible or getting into it.”
“Very easy to read and gives you plenty to think about.”
“Brilliant...very inspired and thought out book.”