The Contemporary Woman

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The Contemporary Woman - Michele Guinness

I thought the debate on the status of women was passé. No more need to campaign, explain, burn our bras, or take to the streets. But how wrong can you be? It appears we are still some way off enjoying the respect, security and safety we anticipated. Not to mention equal pay for equal work.

In this breath-taking gallop through womanhood I have sought to use my Jewish background to re-examine the views and counterviews on the role of women throughout the Christian tradition and culture, drawing inspiration from scripture, history and personal experience.

The Contemporary Woman celebrates a host of women through the ages - from the great biblical matriarchs to the modern-day trailblazers - who have inherited a passionate determination to pursue God's radical call.

I hope it will encourage women everywhere, of every age, to follow their hearts, and inspire a new generation to discover what it means to be a woman.

My husband says if you want the men in your life, be they father, brother, spouse, colleague, son or godson, to understand and appreciate this great mystery more, buy it for them.

* The Contemporary Woman is a re-write, completely updated and improved version of her book published in 2003 called Woman, the Full Story.

Price: £14.99 (Paperback/eBook)
ISBN: 978-1529358315 / 978-1529358339
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

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“I pray that The Contemporary Woman will continue to speak life and hope and truth into a new generation of women – and men. Michele’s book can equip us, and those who love us, to live as life-giving, creative, affirming women. Read it, ponder it and share it with others!.”
Amy Boucher Pye - Author and Woman Alive book club co-ordinator
“Guinness has the ability to bring such a precision of insight to our sex – the grit and the glory, that you cannot help but feel emboldened, renewed and refreshed and overwhelmingly glad that you’re a woman, and fortunate enough to share in this heritage of richness.”
Sarah Wynter - Editor of Youthwork Magazine